Which “Stop, torturer!” sticker for whom?

Here is a guide to using each Shushmoji® emoji sticker, and the particular behaviour each sticker targets as a conversation-ender. Simply scroll and select the Shushmoji you would like to know more about in the Shushmoji app’s free set:

Shushmoji for free! set

Stop torturer examples thumbscrews sticker
  Witnessing a monologue that demands you work your once-pretty thumbs down to the bone? Share your pain with this tight graphic.
whatsapp chat showing a schadenfreude sticker   Got unsympathetic gloaters in your chatbox who are bouncing around with joy at your (or others’) misfortune? Flag their nasty goggles with this sticker.
Stop torturer examples shame bells sticker
Stop ringing the shame bell sticker Got a person ringing their bell of shame too loudly in your chat. Silence them with these beautiful bells.
Stop torturer examples walk of shame sticker
Exit the walk of shame WhatsappChat Spotting someone on a long WhatsApp Walk of Shame, but they have no clue they are? Share this sticker as a warning sign.
Stop torturer examples dilapidation sticker
Spotted a mob rearing its hydra heads on WhatsApp? Flag your disinterest in joining their modern-day stoning by popping this sticker in a group chat.

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