Digital products

Create With Cape Town has developed the following digital products that you can buy and print from:

Oh beehive, honey jar label kit!

The Oh beehive, honey! jar labelling kit makes it easy to add a professional label to homemade honey jars.

Honey jar label kit digital product

Beekeeper safety sign kit

Use the handy beekeeper safety sign kit’s designs for warning the public about your honeybee armies.

Beekeeper safety sign digital product

Silly troll vectors set

The silly troll vectors set sends a clear message to digital deviants.

Troll mug digital product design example
Silly Troll digital product examples

Silly ass vector set

A cheeky silly ass vector set shows just how far a little sass can go.

Silly ass t-shirt digital product design
Silly Ass digital product examples

Academic bully! vector set

A Stop, academic bully! vector set pokes fun at the Ivory Tower’s monsters.

sexy lady wearing a t-shirt with an academic troll printed on it
Academic Bully Sticker Examples

Stop sinner! vector set

The stop sinner! vectors set are a humorous take on the foibles of sinful characters.

Digital product pillow design
Sinner digital product sticker Examples

Stop torturer! vector set

Our stop, torturer! vectors set features graphics to make your life more dreadful #JustKidding

Torturer digital product sticker Examples