Oh beehive, beekeeper!

Beekeeper safety sign kit

Ouch! Bee stings can hurt, but they are even worse if you’re allergic. Give fair warning to people that you have these soldiers guarding your premises, or being shipped off on their next mission, with this handy beekeeper safety sign kit.

Beekeeper safety sign
Mockup of the beekeeper safety sign on a vehicle
Beekeeper safety decal on the side of a van

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Signage options

Choose from a selection of beekeeper safety sign options(shown below), including: signboards, stickers and vinyl decals for vehicle applications

Beekeeper warning stickers
Beekeeper Warning Stickers
beekeeper warning sign
Beekeeper Warning Sign
beekeeper warning decals or cricut sticker
Beekeeper Warning Decal
beekeeper vehicle sticker template
Beekeeper Vehicle Transit Stickers
beekeeper vehicle signboards
Beekeeper Vehicle Signboards
bees in transit vehicle decals or cricut sticker
Beekeeper Vehicle Transit Decal

Easy to print and cut out

When you purchase this product, you will receive a set of PDF and Adobe Illustrator files with each design arranged on separate pages, to allow them to be easily printed and cut out.

beekeeper sticker printing instructions
Each item is prepared and ready to print.
Follow the simple guidelines to ensure you have a tidy end result.

Print Guidlines:

  1. You can send the artwork to a professional printer, and have them transfer the artwork onto stickers or card that you can apply to your premises or vehicle. When printing stickers, ask your printer to use the dotted lines provided to create a dieline. This will allow you to peel them easily before applying them.
  2. You can print the stickers onto adhesive printer paper with your home colour printer, cut them out along the dotted lines, then peel them off the adhesive paper before applying.
  3. Print the signs out onto paper using your home colour printer. Cut them out along the dotted lines, and apply them to the surface of your choice. Tip: Spray adhesive to apply them to card, or have them laminated.

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