Stop,sinner! emoji stickers

Stop sinner emoji stickers horizontal phone mockup
Stop sinner emoji stickers vertical phone mockup

Stop,sinner! emoji stickers

Speak of the devil? Got sinners in your WhatsApp group, who you want to quickly disengage from? The Stop, sinner! Shushmoji® app set was designed for you to speedily counter such unGodly types. Stop sinner emoji stickers help you hate the sin, love the sinner by red carding evil attitudes, behaviours and roles:

  1. big headed
  2. human shredder
  3. bystander
  4. green eyed monster
  5. paper tiger
  6. head delapidator
  7. lazy sloth
  8. heart of stone
  9. covet others’ joy
  10. excessive appetites
  11. unstoppable sex machine
  12. rather reign in hell
  13. ignorant boiling frog
  14. unstoppable mouth machine
  15. haughty spirit
  16. indignant amplifier
  17. snowflake
  18. insatiable
  19. crumbling edifice supporter
  20. horny monster

Alert sinners you are onto them. Stop, sinner! stickers can can be accessed via the Shushmoji app for WhatsApp. Kindly click on the yellow button below for examples of this set’s use.

WhatsApp stickers

Choose from our range of stickers we’ve created for WhatsApp on Android. Here are a few examples from the stop sinner emoji stickers set.

stop sinner emoji stickers big headed emoji
Big headed
stop sinner emoji stickers human shredder emoji
Human shredder
stop sinner emoji stickers bystander emoji
stop sinner emoji stickers green eyed monster emoji
Green eyed monster
Paper tiger
Head delapidator
Lazy sloth
Covet others’ joy

Check out our stop the sinner vector set here