Stop, torturer! vectors

Stop the torturer in your life with this painful torturer vectors set. Display them all over your home, dungeon, gifts or workspace.

22 original full colour torturer vectors supplied with/without white outline and with/without dies for setting up as magnets, stickers or whatever you fancy to make your life even more dreadful.

photo of a man screaming wearing a black t-shirt with a silence your racket torturer vectors illustration printed on it
let me close my eyes torturer vector printed on a white t-shirt
stop the delapidation illustration printed on a cellphone cover
stop the witch hunt illustration printed on a white mug
 torturer vectors illustrations mocked up as stickers

Some examples of our Stop, torturer! vectors

Choose from our range of stickers we’ve created for WhatsApp on Android. Here are a few examples from the set

open the stocks torturer vectors illustration
Open the stocks
remove the thumbscrews torturer vectors illustration
Remove the thumbscrews
take me off your rack torturer vectors illustration
Take me off your rack
open the iron maiden torturer vectors illustration
Open the iron maiden
schadenfreude torturer vectors illustration
Stop your schadenfreude
witch hunt  torturer vectors illustration
Stop the witch hunt
not yours to brand  torturer vectors illustration
Not yours to brand
silence the racket torturer vectors illustration
Silence your racket

Also check out our Stop the torturer WhatsApp stickers here.

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