These Shusmoji® app FAQs will provide you with general information about using Shusmoji® on your device.


The Shushmoji app is free if you only want to use the ‘Shushmoji for free’ emoji sticker set. You can choose to purchase sticker sets from within the app. In South Africa, the cost is R 20 per set for Android users and R 19.99 for Apple users.
On Apple, the iOs in-app purchase option does not allow developers to set the price. Rather it has tiers which developers must choose from. Tier 1 of R16.99 was selected, with tax it shows up as R19.99 in the app. We first developed the Shushmoji App for Android, where the Google Play store permits developers to define their own prices.
While you must keep the app open when adding stickers to WhatsApp, you can close it after you have installed the Shushmoji sets you wish to use. Post-installation, these sets will continue to be available under your WhatsApp sticker sets.
Create With plans to add the maximum number of sets (10), plus stickers-per-set (30) to the app. The app will be updated at least once a year with new sets and stickers, until max’ing out at 10 sets and 300 stickers.
To motivate Shushmoji app users to purchase several packs at once, there are combo deals. Users can buy three sets for the price of two OR four sets for the price of five in once-time deals. Much like a supermarket’s daily deals, no client can buy one item, then the next day ask the Google Play Store for a 'buy 2, get 3’ special based on yesterday’s “part-purchase”.
The Google Play Store and the Apple Apps Store review each app they publish. Each is allocated an age rating according to their different criteria and scales. The Shushmoji app was given a 12+ rating by Google. This means its content is generally suitable for ages 10 and up given that a few Shushmoji emoji stickers feature ‘mild violence’. The Apple Store set a rating of 12+ for the same concern. You can learn more about contrasting mobile software content rating systems on Wikipedia.
The chat examples we share at are fictional. While they are inspired by real life or popular culture, the advantage of fiction is that it does not involve real individuals. As such, the examples cannot be used for publicly shaming real people, potentially creating new harms. Should you wish to share your best use of Shushmoji, please depersonalise the chat’s participants in your screen grab(s). If you are sure that their sharing is not unethical (in posing reputational or other harms), then simply tag #CreateWithCapeTown. Or you can @mention Create With Cape Town, using:
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While Google allows the same stickers to be used more than once in different packs on Android, Apple does not permit this for iOS. As a result, the premium stickers in its Shushmoji ® sets had to be slightly modified for the free set. This ensured that users can still select the stickers in the free sets via the premium ones. These modifications ranged from simple flipping and watermark additions to changing outline colours and adjusting image elements.
WhatsApp applies its own ordering mechanism in Android and iOS. As the ordering does not seem to follow the stickers’ names or sizing, there seems no way for Create With to ensure consistent grouping (eg by set).
All tactics cards are designed for fast download and accurate display via contemporary phones and tablets. Create With’s design choice of the PNG graphic file format and prescribed layout at a 9:16 aspect ratio should ensure that every card appears in full within the Shushmoji app. However, users with 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. small screens or those with low resolution may need to scroll to see the full card image.The cost of designing cards for every type and version of phone and tablet is prohibitive. Consequently, Create With strives to meet the requirements of relatively recent mobile displays.
The app is designed for contemporary Android and Apple smartphones. Both their stores only support touch screen phones since other phones are comparably risky- they have very little security and are easy to jailbreak and hack apps.

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