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Emoji stickers

Create With Cape Town has worked with local illustrators to design the following Shushmoji® emoji chat sticker sets:

Stop, silly troll!

Stop, silly troll! Shushmojisi® can be used as end-of-conversation points for common types of cyber-harassment. 

silly troll emoji chat sticker set

Stop, academic bully!

Stop, academic bully! chat stickers warn academic bullies that their incivility makes the Ivory Tower stink!

academic bully emoji chat sticker set

Hey, silly ass!

Hey, silly ass! emoji stickers flag dodgy a**holes that you won’t tolerate their asinine behaviours.

silly ass emoji chat sticker set


Stop,sinner! emoji chat stickers help you disengage from those committing sinful acts in your chats.

sinner emoji chat stickers

Stop, torturer!

Stop, torturer! Shushmojisi® spotlight sadistic chat practices that are best left in the Dark Ages.

torturer chat stickers

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