Stop, torturer! emoji stickers

Stop torturer emoji stickers on a horizontal phone mockup
Stop torturer emoji stickers on a vertical phone mockup

Stop, torturer! emoji stickers

Are your socials being invaded by mediaeval hordes intent on torturing you? We designed the Stop, torturer! shushmoji app set to spotlight nasty practices best left in the Dark Ages.

Choose one of the stop torturer emoji stickers to call a halt to your social media executioners’ preferred methods:

  1. open the stocks
  2. remove the thumbscrews
  3. take me off your rack
  4. open the iron maiden
  5. stop your schadenfreude
  6. stop the witch hunt
  7. not yours to brand
  8. drop the boiling cauldron
  9. silence your racket
  10. stop ringing the shaming bells
  11. exit the walk of shame
  12. stop scapegoating
  13. stop that dripping
  14. clean up cyber litterbug
  15. halt walk the plank
  16. save me from dunking
  17. let me close my eyes
  18. stop plaguing me
  19. stop the whipping
  20. stop the delapidation

Show mediaeval mobsters you need to be free.

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WhatsApp stickers

Choose from our range of stickers we’ve created for WhatsApp on Android. Here are a few examples from the stop torturer emoji stickers set.

Open the stocks
thumbscrews stop torturer emoji stickers
Remove the thumbscrews
Take me off your rack
iron maiden stop torturer emoji stickers
Open the iron maiden
Stop your schadenfreude
witch hunt stop torturer emoji stickers
Stop the witch hunt
Not yours to brand
Silence your racket

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