Stop, silly troll!

Silly troll vectors set

Put a stop to cyber trolls with our Stop, silly troll! vectors. Use the silly troll vectors to make stickers for your PC, print them on office coffee mugs, or brand a usb stick to send a clear message to those digital deviants.

22 original full colour illustrations supplied with/without white outline and with/without dies for setting up as magnets, stickers or whatever you fancy.

photo of stop silly troll vectors as stickers on a laptop
ass hole clock using silly troll vectors
silly ass vectors shown in this photo of a coffee mug mockup with an anonymous bot illustration printed on it
photo of a printed matchbox with silly troll
mockup of a usb stick with sill troll illustrations printed on it

Some examples of our troll vector set

flamer silly troll illustration
deceiver silly troll illustration
stalker silly troll illustration
bot illustration
Anonymous bot
sock puppet illustration
Sock puppet
broken record illustration
Broken record
sea lion illustration
Sealioning performer

Also check out our WhatsApp stickers here.

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