Stop, silly troll! emoji stickers

stop silly troll emoji stickers on a horizontal phone mockup
stop silly troll emoji stickers on a vertical phone mockup

Stop, silly troll! emoji stickers

Stop silly troll emoji stickers were designed as end-of-conversation points for common types of cyber-harassment.

You can access these via the Shushmoji® app to quickly call out your behaviour from a:

  1. flamer
  2. deceiver
  3. hypersurveiler
  4. stalker
  5. anonymous bot
  6. sock puppet
  7. broken record
  8. sealioning performer
  9. porchdog
  10. sophist
  11. keyboard warrior
  12. STD troll
  13. twister
  14. ossified mind
  15. a**hole
  16. threatening stalker in plain sight
  17. silly clown
  18. troll in training
  19. spin merchant
  20. house troll

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WhatsApp stickers

Choose from our range of stickers we’ve created for WhatsApp on Android. Here are a few examples from the silly troll emoji stickers set.

flamer silly troll emoji sticker
stalker silly troll emoji sticker
Anonymous bot
Sock puppet
Broken record
Sealioning performer

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