Which “Stop sinner!” sticker for whom?

Here is a guide to using each Shushmoji emoji sticker, and the particular behaviour each sticker targets as a conversation-ender. Simply scroll and select the Shushmoji you would like to know more about in the Shushmoji app’s free set:

Shushmoji for free! set

  Just because you’re ‘friends’ with someone on social media and like their posts, doesn’t mean you want them sliding into your DMs or anywhere else. When conversations take an uncomfortable turn, nip them quickly in the bud with this zip it sinner sticker. Then go wild on that block button.
Whatever happened to “work hard, be humble”? There’s a thin line between self promotion and bragging. Hint: if you get this sticker you’re probably doing the latter. Made for those who toot their own horn ad nauseam. Disclaimer: sending this sticker won’t make them stop any time soon.
The trouble with the world vying for views and likes, is once you’ve seen footage of abuse, etc. you can easily become immune to the suffering of others. This bystander sticker is for those who’ve lost their humanity in their desperate search for fame or popularity at any cost.
There are two kinds of humans: those who work hard and those who do nothing, but expect everything. Show the takers you’ve got their number with this lazy sloth sticker. Time to smother them with tough love.
Not all people are dependable, reliable or trustworthy, choosing to melt like snowflakes at the first sign of stress. Cut through their BS excuses with this sticker. Be cool, you’ve got this…
Greedy Guts won’t take no for an answer? Stop feeding the beasties, block them with this sticker and carry on with your life.

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