Which ‘Hey, silly ass!’ sticker, for whom?

Here is a guide to using each sticker, and the particular behaviour each sticker targets as a conversation-ender. Simply scroll and select the sticker you would like to know more about in the Hey, silly ass!, for free! set:

Hey, silly ass! set

Life’s too short to waste on smartasses. Especially ones you’ve clothed, fed and educated. So when you run out of words simply use this sticker instead. Sometimes autocorrect plus banana fingers are waaaaay too powerful to beat without a little assistance.
Sometimes humans are just too fant-ass-tic for words. That’s when this gender fluid, TOTALLY fierce sticker comes in handy. Terms and conditions do not apply, just bask in your ability to celebrate fabulosity and give credit where it’s due.
When you catch someone in a lie it’s best to let them know you know what they’ve done with this clueless, drooling, lolling little ass. And that they’d be wise to sleep with one eye open…
We’ve all seen it – humans with the most potential for excellence, squandering their talents, awesomeness and grey matter daily. It behoves you to give them ALL a little nudge in the right direction with this ass-pirational sticker. Just do it.
Life’s too short to take unnecessary risks just for more likes and views. Be adventurous and curious, but make sure you surround yourself with genuine humans who won’t stab you in the back (or front), and who give a rat’s ass about you, not your popularity.
There’s always that one friend, workmate or family member made in a factory that contains nuts. Highly entertaining, lovable, ex-ass-pirating screwballs – there’s never a dull moment. Show your appreciation for their talents with this sticker.

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